Thursday, October 04, 2007

Lazy blogging

In between class and meetings I and the faily have been hard at work turning the family pool into a pond, here are a few photos I took before much work had begun so we could document the change.
Inside the treehut
The pool after taking the sides off, about a third of the pool has been filled with soil.

The chicken House


Asher said...

Wow, the chicken house looks much better than a couple of weeks ago!

John said...

Thanks heaps! We have been workign hard, we put heaps of wine barrels and stuff round today.

Whats the song on the video you made? (the first song)Its been stuck in my head for days :)

Asher said...

Hehe, its one of my fav tracks too. It's the Mos Def remix of 6 Days by DJ Shadow.

Asher said...

Let me know if you can't find it, btw, and I can email it to you :)

John said...

I've watched it on you tube :) actually having music on my computer seems like waaay too much hard work.

In good news the pond is finished and looks great, I plan to make the pool area into a subtropical seating area.

naught101 said...

Hey John,
Too bad more (sub)urbanites don't convert their pools. Catching the train from Sydney to Newcastle there's a couple of places where there's 5-6 houses with pools in a row.. dig up five out of six, you'd still have a place to swim, waste less energy and water, and have heaps more space... not to mention the increased social interaction due to having to share a pool ;)

You might be interested in a couple of my projects. The first is
. This may or may not be self explanatory. A wiki for environmental activists.

The second is a look at maximium sustainable urban density, on my blog.

(Hi Asher ;))

John said...

Yup if there was a concerted effort to store rainwater in the urban landscape we could acomplish some pretty wikid stuff, im thinking of micro dams capturing all the runoff from roads, tanks on every house, water conscious landscaping... The possibilitys are endless.

The blog and site look really interesting, Im really interested in how food production, social relations and environmental destruction are interlinked :)