Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Solidarity with those arrested

Yesterday morning activist houses throughout New Zealand were raided under the pretext that armed training camps were being run in the North Island. Regardless of what has happened this is quite obviously an attempt to tar the entire activist community as terrorists.

The 17 arrested have not been granted bail and some are expected to be held on remand for at least 2 weeks. Being held for an afternoon sucks, having your house raided by anti terror units and being accused of terrorism is unimaginable, I hope everyones ok and that no more arrests occur.

Much love to everyone around the country

For details of the case and solidarity actions check indymedia


Aaron said...

As soon as I heard about this I thought the whole thing sounded really dodgy. Regardless of whether the charges are true or not you just know that this is going to be used to divide us - and probably give Helen Clark a 4th term. It's her chance to be tough on Maoris and impress all the rednecks who wouldn't normally vote for her.

Oh man it sucks and it's only going to get worse with the sort of media we've got.

George Darroch said...

Yeah, the problem with something like this is that's complicated - everybody's partly right in their interpretation, so naturally the message that gets spread furthest and widest is the simplest or most convenient one.

Which seems to be: Maori terrorists with bad/stupid environmentalists and "peace" activists.

If you're in Aotearoa, take care, don't say or do anything stupid :)

George Darroch said...

One other thing will probably come out of this: right wing survivalists will be allowed to keep their guns, left wing ones won't.